Teacher Shortage

The Recession

Ever since the recession began in 2007, it’s been difficult for California teachers to find jobs. The recession left an estimated 32,000 educators unemployed. As a private tutoring service, we receive a lot of applications from veteran teachers who are out of work, as well as rookie teachers who are looking to supplement their income, because there are simply no teaching jobs available. An estimated 32,000 California educators were out of work during the recession, and we’ve seen gifted teachers forced to take jobs in the service industry as the economic downturn worsened.

The dim prospects of securing a job also discouraged an entire generation of students who may have otherwise pursued a career in teaching. One student at California State University of Fullerton remarked: “I always wanted to be a teacher, but it seemed like such a bad idea to devote years of my life and thousands of dollars in pursuit of a career that is nearly impossible to break in to. I’ve given up on that dream and I’m studying business now.”

The Teacher Shortage of 2016

After years of what seemed like hopelessness for people trying to get hired as teachers, we are now faced with the opposite problem. California is suffering from a teacher shortage that is so severe, that school districts have begun to offer incentives in the form of housing subsidies and signing bonuses in order to attract candidates.

Additional state tax revenue has allowed California schools to reduce class sizes, and restore educational programs that had been cut during the recession. The sudden influx of funds has left California schools in what some are referring to as a “teacher drought”.

Special Education Teachers

According to The Sacramento Bee the most difficult positions to fill, are in special education, with special education math and science teachers being particularly hard to come by.

In order to be hired by a school district, special needs teachers must go through a very specific credentialing process. However, a large contingency of special education teachers have begun to work without being fully credentialed. Administrators are currently scrambling to find credentialed candidates to fill these positions for our special needs students in California.

What This Means For Your Child

It appears like there will be some growing pains in the short term as California school districts continue to recruit new talent. It’s a great sign that we’re seeing our schools replace the programs and personnel that had been slashed in recent years. However, in the short term, class sizes will still remain large, and valuable programs will remain shut down until our schools can get caught up with hiring.

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