private-math-tutorsMathematics is one of the most common subjects that students struggle with, and for many different reasons. In some cases, students struggle with the motivation to excel in

math because they simply don’t recognize how the ideas they learn in class may apply to life outside of the classroom. Many other students are intimidated by the onslaught of numbers and words together in word problems or struggle with more abstract mathematical concepts that simply don’t make sense right away.

Although math can be challenging, we believe that with a little extra practice and encouragement every student has the potential to be a math wizard! To help you support your student, our private math tutors have put together 5 simple tips that will help your student succeed in math.

  1. Have your child explain to you exactly how to solve the problems they are working on. Sometimes kids aren’t entirely sure what they’re supposed to be doing and they’re too afraid to ask, so they’ll just simply give it their best guess. By having your child explain the process, you can understand their reasoning and correct any errors in logic. Additionally, by articulating the process, your child will attain a deeper understanding of the mathematical concept they are studying.
  2. Expose your child to money. Whether it’s loose change or big bills, money can help kids get comfortable with numbers and realize the practical applications for math in their everyday lives. For younger kids, you can start this at the grocery store by having them calculate the amount of change you’ll be due. “If my purchase is $48.27 and I pay with a $100 bill, how much change should I get back?”. However, if you have older kids, you can expose them to household finances, bills and budgeting. By incorporating real-world scenarios and applications, it will give math new meaning.
  3. Educational video games make math problems fun and entertaining, all while providing the opportunity for students to develop multiple math skills simultaneously. Try out some math game websites or computer games that are specifically designed for kids. If your student is hooked on Xbox or Playstation, check out some lists of top reviewed games that work for these systems.
  4. Guide your child through the process of solving a problem by asking them questions instead of giving them the answers. It’s important for kids to understand the concepts on their own terms, and giving them shortcuts won’t help them when it comes time to take a test or move on to the next grade level.
  5. Remind your child that anyone can succeed in math. Even Einstein struggled in school at first! Encourage a positive mindset to help your student face challenges head on, even when others give up. This “growth mindset” will help your student remember that their success in math (or any other situation in life!) can be built though experience and effort, and is not dependent on an innate ability or talent.

Another important part of deliberate practice in math is having an experienced mentor to keep a student on the right course. Outside of your child’s teacher, private tutors can play a major role in helping your student on the path to academic success. Tutors will practice time-tested problem solving techniques with students, and can take the interpersonal tension off of learning if you are your child’s main study buddy. Our credentialed tutors teach and support students of all skill levels while encouraging independent effort.

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