In school districts across California, deadlines are approaching for applications to attend schools of choice in the fall. While most parents will choose their local neighborhood school or one close by for practical reasons, others are searching farther afield for their first choice, both within and occasionally outside their school district.

Naturally, academic standards are high on the list of parental concerns, and in the vast majority of optional cases, parents would of course prefer to “trade up” their choice of school. But with great variation in academic standards across the state, how does a parent “trade up” the skill set of their child to give them the best possible start in their new setting? With a math tutor, an English tutor, a Spanish tutor – in fact, there are private tutors available for any location, whether you are searching for a calculus tutor in Chino Hills, or a writing tutor in San Jose. Summer is the perfect opportunity to lay those foundations for a smooth academic transition to the new environment.

Starting a new school is an unsettling time, regardless of your grade – for the parents as much as the child! Whether entering kindergarten in Orange County and worrying about kindergarten reading readiness, or transferring to your final year of high school and considering searching for an AP Math tutor in Los Angeles to get you through it, knowing that at least the academics are on track will mean there is less uncertainty from day 1. Keeping up with the challenges in the classroom takes a little of the pressure off to focus on activities outside the classroom – forming new friendships, taking up extra curricular activities – in short, thriving in the new environment.

When it comes to changing schools, many parents are actually unaware of the options open to them. Few have heard of the Romero Act Campuses – California state law actually allows students in the bottom 1000-performing schools in the state to transfer out, even to a different district. In Orange County, 56 schools fall under this category. Under the Federal NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Act, schools that fail to meet test score goals and receive money under Title 1 for low income families must allow students to transfer to other schools. 300 OC schools meet this criteria. In cases like these, there is usually a significant amount of catching up that needs to be done, and this is where an English tutor (non-english speaking students), Math tutor (we all agree Math is the hardest subject for the majority!) or in fact Biology tutors, Physics tutors, History tutors, are worth their weight in gold. There is a local tutor available for almost any subject.

Back to School still seems a long way off in the distance, the view of it`s entrance gates almost entirely blocked by visions of trips to the beach, barbeques and warm Summer nights, dollar movie theaters and ice cream floats. But it`s coming, and now is the time to start thinking about preparations to hit the ground running in just 10 short weeks. It will fly by!