ADD and ADHD Tutors

Our ADD tutors are credentialed educators who have received training for specialized education strategies for ADD/ADHD students.

Experience and Compassion

At REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring, we are very familiar with the challenges that ADD/ADHD students face. Our ADD tutors are credentialed educators who have received training for specialized education strategies for ADD/ADHD students. After assessing the specific needs of each student, we match them with a private tutor that will best fit their specific needs.

The Challenges

Students with ADD/ADHD struggle to access content in a meaningful way because of the way their brains process stimuli. Some of the issues ADD/ADHD students might experience:

✔ Distracted easily; thereby often missing out on essential, key elements of instruction.
✔ Bored with tasks before they are completed, often leading to incomplete assignments.
✔ Difficulty remembering things and following instructions.
✔ Frequently misplace homework and learning tools.
✔ Careless errors.
✔ Trouble staying organized, planning ahead or completing projects.

The Positives

In our experience as ADHD tutors, we’ve found that children with ADHD often tend to be highly imaginative and creative! ADHD students are often ingenious artists, and see or notice things that others won’t see. ADHD students also tend to be more flexible and willing to try alternative ideas. They consider many options at once and don’t become set on one idea.

Our special needs tutors tend to focus on a child’s assets, rather than deficits!

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Our Approach

Our private tutors have a positive attitude and work closely with ADD/ADHD students to become partners with them in figuring out ways to get their work done.

When an ADHD student is driven – nothing will stop them! Part of our job as special needs tutors is to find out what motivates the student. By finding out what they like, or connect with deeply, we’ll be able to better tailor lesson plans according to their interests, which will produce a driven, motivated scholar!

REACH Tutors use outlines and graphic organizers for note-taking with ADD students. They utilize visuals such as charts, pictures, and color-coding to help students access and organize the information they’re receiving. At the end of the lesson, tutors will ask students to repeat the summary of key points and jot these down on a note card for reference later.

When our special needs tutors see good behavior and quality effort, we will encourage that progress with immediate and sincere praise, or a token reward system. This of course will depend upon the system set up with the tutoring team (student-tutor-parents).

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