Group of kids walking to schoolLate August and early September is an exciting and hectic time for both parents and students. As you prepare to send your kids back to school, you may be reminiscing about the challenges and triumphs of the previous school year. We know how easy it can be to fall into old habits, so our private tutors have put together a list of tips to help you form new helpful routines that are sure to improve efficiency this school year.

Bed Time Routine

Kids are creatures of habit that thrive when they know exactly what is expected of them. Setting firm bed times, and bed time routines will ensure a smooth transition to slumber.

One of our clients in Los Angeles filled us in on how she gets her kids to bed on time every night. “Bed time at my house is 9 o’clock so I set an alarm each night for 8:30. When the kids hear the alarm, they know they have a half hour to finish whatever they’re doing, and get changed, washed, and brushed for bed. I used to have to wrangle them every night, and they would argue or try and negotiate for more time. Now they are usually in bed before I even have to say anything!”

Set Firm Limits for Screen Time

Setting boundaries for kid’s screen time is something that is more important now than ever. Between television, computers, tablets, cell phones, and video games, there’s a lot of devices competing for your kid’s attention.

One of our math tutors in Newport Beach had the following to say about setting rules for screen time. “At my house, I limit my kids interaction with electronics to one hour per night, and only after homework and dinner is finished. If one of my kids needs to use the computer to do their homework, I make them use my laptop at the kitchen table so that they aren’t tempted to start surfing the web.”

Homework Apps

With all of the different school subjects and extracurricular activities vying for our kid’s time, it can be easy for students to lose track of assignment deadlines and upcoming exams.

Technological advancements have helped students to simplify planning for assignments, projects, and exams. Apps like myHomework and thehomeworkapp have had great success in assisting students in managing their course load, and come highly recommended from parents and students.

Hire a Private Tutor Sooner Rather Than Later

A lot of parents wait until their child comes home with a failing grade on a test, or a bad report card before they consider hiring a private tutor. But as the old adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Working with a private tutor from the beginning of the school year ensures that your child won’t have the opportunity to fall behind.

One of our most popular math tutors in Los Angeles comments “parents sometimes have a tendency to wait until it’s too late to get an algebra tutor involved. If you’re calling me because your child is in danger of failing a class, and they have a big test next week — it’s going to be difficult to get them up to speed in time. If they are struggling, we’ll need to go back and review several concepts to see where the break down occurred, so I can get them caught up. Since every new concept builds on the previous concept, we might have to review months worth of material. It’s always better to get me involved at the first sign of trouble, or better yet, before there’s trouble.”

We hope you’ve found these tips useful, and we wish all parents and students good luck in the coming school year!