back to school

Much to the dismay of students all over our great state of California, back-to-school time is finally upon us. For the next few weeks, parents and children alike will begin to readjust to the daily grind of early wakeup calls, sack lunches and school zone traffic. Here are a few quick tips from the Private Tutors at REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring on how to help your student Catch Up, Keep up and Move Ahead this school year:Catch Up

Throughout the course of a school year, even the brightest students can struggle to keep up with course material. In California, our classroom sizes tend to be quite large. This means that your children’s teacher may not have enough time to give every student the personalized help and attention that they would like to. Furthermore, some students are too timid to admit that they don’t understand the material and are embarrassed to ask questions out of the fear that they may be ridiculed by classmates. Ask your child about the subjects that give them trouble, and let them know that they have a support system to help them work through the speed bumps. Surely it will be no surprise to you that the subject that students most frequently have trouble in is Math. If your student is struggling with Algebra, Common Core Math, Calculus or Geometry, it’s advisable to contact a Private Math Tutor who can help your child catch up before they fall too far behind.

Keep Up

The school year comes with many distractions. Soccer practice, school plays, birthday parties and family gatherings are certain to keep you and your students busy. We often hear reports of children falling behind in subjects like Science and History due to a lack of interest. It’s also not uncommon for students to need an English Tutor for Language Arts and Reading. All of the Tutors at REACH Pro Tutoring are credentialed teachers who have classroom experience. Our Private In-home Tutors can help your child with multiple subjects at once, and make sure that they are grasping the material, and keeping up with the pace of their classes.

Move Ahead

Private Tutoring isn’t just exclusively for those students who are struggling. Some of our pupils grasp the material in their classes and have above average grades, but are trying to excel in their classes in an effort to stand out when it comes time to apply for colleges. A Private Tutor can help to keep your student on the path to getting into a good college by guiding them through their current coursework, as well as College Test Preparation. At REACH Professional In-home Tutoring, we know how important it is to be prepared for the SAT or ACT tests in California. Our College Test Prep Tutors use College Board materials and we also administer SAT Practice Tests and ACT Practice Tests.

We strive to make the Tutoring process as easy as possible for you. Our hours are conveniently scheduled to accommodate you, and our Tutors come directly to your home to work one-on-one with your child. We have in-home tutors all across California in: Los Angeles, Santa Clara County, Alameda County, Chino Hills and Temecula. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your student Catch Up, Keep Up and Move Ahead!