a stack of books with an apple on topMany kids spend their summers enjoying a variety of fun activities, including summer camps and other organized activities that provide a number of excellent summer learning opportunities. Certainly you don’t need a private tutor to tell you that It’s very important to keep kids engaged during the summer. We know that the summer months are a wonderful opportunity to get a break from the stressful and sometimes rigid schedule of the school year, but to help children retain all of the valuable knowledge they obtained in the previous school year, we highly recommend some form of summer learning program.

Kids who take part in summer learning and enrichment activities not only improve their reading skills, but they also can help increase their confidence in social interactions and establish good work habits. Of course, there are some families who simply cannot afford the high cost of summer camp and exciting summer enrichment courses, so it is essential that the community provide valuable summer learning opportunities that will give every child an opportunity to benefit from a rich learning environment.

Additionally, private tutoring is a great option for children who are struggling with a particular subject. A private tutor will be able to customize a learning program specifically for your child, so that they show up ahead of the game on the first day of school.

Today, kids often spend a great deal of time on their electronic devices. While iPads and smartphones can certainly offer a number of excellent learning opportunities, they cannot take the place of summer programs designed to help children keep up with their learning. Even a few months away from the school environment can result in children lapsing in their language and math skills. Fortunately, kids can have a great deal of fun while also building these skills and maintaining what they had learned during the previous school year.

A study conducted by John Hopkins University uncovers the problems that children in low-income families can face when they don’t have adequate opportunities for summer learning. The study found that these underprivileged children who are not involved in some type of activity, often lose skills over the summer while their classmates who come from more economically stable homes, and who enjoy enriching summer activities, actually build skills that can help them succeed in school and other areas of their life.

The best solution for today’s youth is to have fun and enriching summer learning activities that can help keep them on pace during the summer months.

When you want to help your kids stay physically active while enjoying the benefits of social interactions, summer learning programs can provide a number of excellent advantages. Of course, setting a good example of a positive work ethic is certainly one of the many benefits of having children become involved with summer programs. When they enjoy summer learning activities, they’ll not only remain more active, which in itself offers a number of wonderful health benefits, but they’ll also learn the importance of being productive while also taking time for some summer fun.

As an added bonus, when kids who have been exposed to fun summer learning activities return to school in the fall, they’ll have the benefit of having maintained their learning over the summer. There will be no catch-up period or loss of skills that must be relearned.