We’ve just learned that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed as Secretary of Education.Betsy DeVos headshot

Leading into today, the confirmation vote was tied 50-50, with just two Republicans voting against DeVos’ confirmation. As expected, Vice President Mike Pence cast his vote today, and broke the tie in favor of confirming Mrs. DeVos.

Today’s vote made history, as it was the first time a cabinet appointment had required the Vice President’s tie breaking vote.

The road to confirmation has been anything but simple for Mrs. DeVos, who has endured multiple rounds of intense questioning from combative Senators such as Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken, and Bernie Sanders. The Michigan billionaire has been a controversial figure over the past few weeks due to her controversial views regarding public schools, voucher programs, and Common Core standards.

Our tutors have heard from a number of concerned parents regarding this controversial cabinet appointment. While it will certainly be interesting to see what kind of changes the new Education Secretary will bring, it’s important to remember that the constitution appoints responsibility for K-12 public schools with the states. Less than 10% of funding for public schools (K-12) comes from the federal government.



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