Common Core Controversy

It’s no secret that Common Core has become a contentious topic amongst parents in California. As we reported previously, the first set of state wide Common Core test results came in and they were less than desirable with just 33% of students scoring proficient in Math and less than half of students scoring proficiently in English.

In recent months we have heard from dozens of parents who are eager to voice their frustrations about Common Core standards. We’ve heard these concerns loud and clear and we have been working hard to find ways to help parents and students receive the help that they need on Common Core Homework.

Free Common Core HelpCommon Core Tutors

Regardless of whether or not Common Core is the correct solution, we have no indication that it is going away anytime soon. For this reason, we’ve created a free resource for parents who are trying to help their students with their Common Core homework.

Our Common Core CA Facebook Group is a free service we provide to the public in order to to assist parents and students with Language Arts and Math under the new Common Core Standards. Parents are able to post questions and interact directly with a Credentialed Teacher who is currently working in a California classroom. We will respond to your homework question between 3PM and 9PM weekdays.

How did your school do?

The results from the first round of state-wide Common Core testing were undoubtedly cause for concern. The Los Angeles Times put together a database where you can look up Common Core test results for your child’s school.

Click on the graphic below to look up the results for your school:

California School Test Results