Open Enrollment Act in California

What is the Open Enrollment Act?

The Open Enrollment Act of 2010 dictates that The Department of Education must release a list of California’s 1,000 lowest performing schools by January 1st of each year. Subsequently, the act allows parents who have children in those schools, to transfer them to better performing schools. More information can be found on the OEA by clicking this link to the California Department of Education website.

How do I access the list of Open Enrollment schools? 

This is a topic that has been surrounded by substantial controversy as of late, as The Department of Education announced last year that it would not release the list due to a suspended Academic Performance Index. State Senator Bob Huff has been outspoken in his support for the open enrollment act. Huff stated, “Failure to provide this information traps good students in bad schools with no option to transfer elsewhere”.

After continual protests and threats of law suits from parents and activists, the DOE reversed their position last week and released the list just short of the January 1st deadline.

It should be noted that The Department of Education urges parents to use caution when reviewing this list. The State Superintendent’s office wants parents to remember that these results are based on tests that were taken in 2013, and that many things have changed since then.

The list can be accessed by following this link: