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Our intensive SAT practice programs are taught in the comfort of your home one-on-one with a Credentialed Teacher matched to your student

Reach can help improve test results

To help your student achieve excellent results, REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring offers an SAT/ACT Prep Course that is designed to drastically improve your student’s SAT/ACT scores. Our intensive SAT practice programs are taught in the comfort of your home one-on-one with a Credentialed Teacher matched to your student for the duration of the program. The hours will be scheduled based off of your family’s specific needs and can always be adjusted or added on at a later time.

Price packages are organized by the total number of hours and practice tests your student will be participating in, and we offer affordable and competitive pricing so your student’s SAT success won’t break the bank.

After all, with all the future accomplishments your child is preparing for, there’ll be plenty of college costs to consider!

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About the SAT and ACT

Facing the dreaded college entrance exams is a reality that all college bound students must face at some point. These tests are designed to show colleges that students possess the study skills and overall entry level knowledge to be successful in their first year at university. Because of the nearly universal entrance exam requirement for college admission, the test prep business has grown from simple practice tests through schools to an over $4 billion a year industry, all with the aim to raise test scores for high schoolers across the country.

SAT TutorsThe SAT test assesses students in 5 different subject areas, while the ACT test has four sections with an optional writing test, and both take several hours to complete. Both tests are used for different reasons and use different formats, so deciding which test to take can be tough. To help make the testing choice a little easier, The Princeton Review has a basic overview of both tests that students and parents can consider. With all that being said, virtually all students can benefit from some form of preparation with an experienced SAT tutor for the complicated and lengthy SAT/ACT tests.

The Tutoring Process

Students will begin the prep course by taking our provided pre-test, given and scored by the Regional Director prior to assigning a tutor. REACH will use the student’s score to determine the amount of prep program hours needed, which will then be appropriately divided between SAT math, written, and verbal skills tutoring. All practice tests during the program are OPTIONAL and may or may not be given, at the tutor’s and parents’ discretion. Any practice tests that are given during the program sessions will not be counted towards tutoring hours and will be administered and scored by the regional director.

At REACH Pro Tutoring, we provide practice tests as an extra option because we have found that many students that are nervous test takers or have trouble finishing tests within the allowed time limit benefit from test practice to increase their confidence and speed. Additionally, the questions can be tricky and confusing even for straight-A students, so seeing and answering as many sample questions as possible before the real test is an excellent way for students to feel comfortable being able to choose their answer without second guessing.
Each SAT prep lesson is based off of College Board curriculum, and is individually designed to meet the specific needs of your student after careful assessment of the pre-test. After each session with the SAT tutors, your child will complete homework assignments that reinforce the test-taking techniques and strategies learned during the lessons. Once the program hours and homework assignments have all been completed, your student will take a post-test to assess improvements from the original pre-test. The detailed assessment will help you determine where your student has achieved the most progress, and will also give insight into additional areas in which your student may continue to need extra support.

At REACH Pro Tutoring, we are dedicated to your students’ success on the SAT/ACT tests, and beyond. Our students see success with personalized instruction and excellent teacher-student rapport. When considering which test-prep program to help your student achieve the best possible results, remember that our tutors are credentialed teachers that have multiple years’ experience working with students struggling to understand concepts.

When it comes to your child’s academic achievement, we are passionately dedicated to ensuring that each REACH student we serve will reach their full potential. Contact us today to see how we can help your student succeed on the SAT/ACT tests so they can go on to attend college and achieve their dreams!

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