Tutoring Services

At REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring, all of our private tutors are credentialed teachers who are currently working in classrooms across California. That being said, we are very aware of the struggles that California teachers face in their classrooms. We’ve heard from multiple teachers who say that their classrooms need supplies and materials for lessons. Some teachers have the ability to pay for these resources out of their own pocket, but unfortunately this is not possible in most cases. So how does a teacher or an entire school get around the limitations and timing of budgets to purchase items their kids could benefit from? They raise funds, but fundraising in the usual way is not always easy. A new and often more lucrative answer to the usual methods of selling chocolates and cookies; is to initiate a crowdfunding campaign.

What is Crowdfunding?

A group of any kind goes onto a special website where potential donors are asked to contribute to a specific cause. There are some sites dedicated to raising capital for the development of commercial products but donor sites are all about charitable giving. One benefit of this type of fundraising is that everyone can see how the total amount raised is rising on the site. Another is the immediacy of seeing a need, pulling out a credit card or logging on to Paypal, and making a donation. A third benefit is how specific these sites allow a person or group to be. Finally, you don’t have to be a registered charity. Frequently, these campaigns require just days to fulfill as compared with weeks and months of fundraising with bake sales and bottle drives. Crowdfunding requires almost no effort.

Anyone can Crowdfund

Teachers around the country are heading to these pages to post their needs. Locals and parents see these needs posted and respond because they know what the teacher is trying to do and approve of the objectives. Educators have fundraised for special stationary bikes used in classes by energetic fifth graders, for art supplies, and to pay for audio books and equipment. Schools could also use this resource to raise money for tutoring service which would provide extra help to students after school, during lunch break, or in the mornings before school starts. Since classroom aides are expensive to fund in the usual way and their numbers do not meet the needs of teachers and students, tutoring services would increase their pupils’ opportunities for growth in given subject areas. Additional help also reduces everyone’s stress in the classroom.

Teachers in Any Grade

The public often thinks of school fundraising as a means of raising money to build new playgrounds or purchase computers, and this is true. Many basic items a classroom lacks, however, will not be funded due to cutbacks. These can include tools which would benefit older students in the secondary school grades.

Opportunities to Grow

Often the tools teachers want to add to a classroom are not deemed “essential.” They aren’t trying to stock up on pencils, paper, and books. These teachers are innovators seeking to engage reluctant or troubled learners whose attention span is small or who are dealing with learning disabilities. They have thought carefully about what sorts of tools might cause a student to want to learn and enable him to enjoy success. Crowdfunding is an excellent means of fundraising when talking about goals the general public might not understand. A niche audience, alerted to funding goals, recognizes what this teacher is trying to do and is more likely to donate when he has a tangible goal to support.

At REACH, we do our best to support students, teachers, tutors and parents alike. We offer tutoring services in Orange County, Los Angeles, Alameda County and Contra Costa County. Call us today for a free consultation to see how we can help your child catch up, keep up and move ahead!