A girl reading a book outsideAt the end of every school year, many parents are faced with the dilemma of whether or not they should arrange for their child to have a summer tutor. Of course, this is an issue that should be made on a case-to-case basis based on the specific academic circumstances of each child.

When it’s Necessary

One of our tutors in Huntington Beach had the following to say regarding whether or not summer tutoring is right for your child “if you have a student who is struggling in math or reading, I absolutely recommend getting them a summer tutor. These are two skills that are essential to your child’s academic success. If they are already struggling and then don’t practice for months, it could put them at a serious disadvantage moving into the next school year.”

When it Might Not Be Necessary

On the other hand, if you have a child who seems challenged with their school work, yet is able to rise to the occasion, earning A’s and B’s, an entire summer of tutoring might not be necessary.

While it might be wise to set up a few sessions with a private tutor to prepare them for more difficult concepts, a student who is able to handle their course load without struggling or stress can survive without the extra help.

Study Skills

Summer tutoring can be an excellent way to help children who are struggling to get back on track, but it can also be the perfect time to develop good study habits and build a solid foundation for even the most successful students.

One of our algebra tutors in Chino Hills mentioned “I come across a lot of kids in my classes that would do a lot better if they knew how to study properly. Getting organized, and learning how to take and review notes effectively are skills that will serve a student for their entire academic career.”

The Dreaded Summer Slide

Another important reason to consider a summer tutor is the fact that kids often lose some of their learning when they take the entire summer off. Studies have shown that kids who don’t do any school work during the summer, return in the fall approximately 2-1/2 months behind their classmates. This is often referred to as “the summer slide”. Keeping your child engaged in academics during the summer, will help ensure they’ll be ready for the challenges of a new school year. Additionally, research has shown that kids who have summer tutoring are generally more successful in college when compared to students who received no tutoring.

Parents should keep in mind that there is no one solution for all children. Carefully weigh your child’s current situation and determine the best way you can help them succeed in the upcoming school year. A summer tutor can provide a rigorous academic environment for those seeking to delve into more difficult subjects or it can help them overcome a deficit in a particular subject. Additionally, a summer tutor can also provide a more relaxed way to maintain what your son or daughter has already learned while keeping them in the habit of studying and learning throughout the summer.