Trump Common Core

During CNN’s Republican debate in Florida last week, Donald Trump gave his opinion on Common Core standards.

Jake Tapper, who was the moderator of the debate at the University of Miami, asked Trump what his specific objections to the Common Core State Standards were. Trump answered the query by stating, “Education through Washington, DC. I don’t want that. I want local education. I want the parents and I want all of the teachers to get together around a school and to make education great.”

Then, when Tapper tried to shed some light on the subject by pointing out to Trump that states have adopted and developed the standards willingly, Trump responded that Common Core used to be that way but  has now “been taken over by the bureaucrats in Washington” and stated that he wants more charter schools.

Unfortunately, these statements are patently false.

Common Core is actually a voluntary program that individual states may choose to adopt. Although, it’s worth noting that the federal government has provided incentives in an effort to encourage states to implement the new standards. States that have adopted the standards have earned the equivalent of “extra points” in the competition for federal grant money from President Obama’s signature education program, Race to the Top. Again, states were not required to implement the Common Core standards, but they were certainly in a better position to receive federal funding if they did.

Contrary to popular belief, not all states have adopted Common Core Standards. In fact, Indiana, Oklahoma, and South Carolina even dropped the program after temporarily adopting it. Additionally, the program also allows the curriculum and teaching methods to be decided and developed locally.

According to PolitiFact, Common Core is a set of standards for Math and English that were developed with parents, teachers, and education professionals in 2010; after years of discussion between nonprofit groups and state education departments. The goal of the initiative is to better prepare students for college and career, and to establish a universal set of comprehensive education standards to ensure that students in different states learn the same academic concepts, and at approximately the same pace. As private Common Core tutors, we’ve worked closely with a lot of students and parents to try and demystify the new state standards. Our tutors in Los Angeles, Orange County, Chino Hills and Contra Costa County have extensive experience with parents who are confused and angered by the fact that they aren’t able to help their 3rd graders with their math homework. At REACH Pro Tutoring, our private tutors are California teachers, who work with Common Core standards every day.

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