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Children tend to learn best when they are having fun. Studies have shown time and again that when information is presented in an engaging manner, kids soak it up like a sponge. Thankfully, Orange County, California offers a multitude of fantastic destinations for parents to bring their children for an exciting combination of learning and fun. We asked our private tutors in Orange County to tell us their preferred field trip destinations, and these were their favorites.

The Discovery Cube

Located in Santa Ana, The Discovery Cube is a popular destination for families.  As a non-profit organization, the Discovery Cube has offered hands-on science education for more than 25 years. The massive museum offers a myriad of exhibits to see and experience.  One of The Cube’s most popular exhibits is the discovery market, which gives children the opportunity to shop for various “food” items in different departments (bakery, seafood, produce, meat, etc.). Kids may then use a scanner to add items to their cart, which—while entertaining—teaches important lessons in consumption, supply and demand and basic shopping. The museum also features a rocket lab, mission control center and wind tunnel. Each year the Discovery Cube also offers an Engineer’s Week where tinkerers and builders of all ages are invited to the Discovery Cube OC to celebrate hand-on engineering activities. Make your Orange County Math Tutor proud and join in on this stimulating, action-packed event!

The Orange County Museum of Art

The Orange County Museum of Art in Newport Beach is another fantastic destination to take your little artists. (You may want to plan on going on a Friday, as admission is free each Friday of the month). Here visitors have access to all exhibits and there is usually an outside area set up for performances and craft activities for families with children.  While this may not be the best destination for very small children, many “tweens” love to peruse the various paintings, zines, sculptures and drawings, which instills an early interest in many forms of traditional and modern art. Many of these pieces also serve as great conversation starters, so try to make it a point to ask your children their specific thoughts or feelings about the exhibits while journeying through the art museum. Outside of the museum there is also space for people to congregate, have a delicious picnic, or simply enjoy a beautiful day. Our private tutors in Orange County

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve located in Huntington Beach is another option for fun and learning. This particular reserve site was historically used as a reservoir for oil and gas exploration Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserveand extraction, however the impressive wetlands restoration plan is well on its way to reversing harm The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve spans an impressive 1,300 acres and is a coastal estuary. Habitats within the reserve include, mudflats, open water, coastal dunes, salt marsh, and really beautiful seabird nesting islands. A freshwater area and riparian are also featured. With more than 200 bird species calling Bolsa Chica their home, our Science Tutors say that this eco reserve is a fantastic opportunity to teach children about nature and animal habitats. While the reserve is immensely popular with photographers and bird watchers, kids love to explore the sprawling grounds and make a game out of who can identify the most birds. done to the area.