Math Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is not uncommon in students at any age, whether they are afraid of a certain subject or nervous about fitting in. math anxiety, however, is particularly common. Students can usually tackle some part of history, English, or food sciences and wind up with a passing grade, but mathematics is based on building blocks. If you don’t understand one part, the rest is incomprehensible and moving on is impossible. It’s possible that your child might have been rushed through a grade without establishing a confident grasp of that year’s material.

Overcoming Math Panic

Students, teachers, and math tutors have come up with ways to get past panic and feel confident about the subject. Some students will eventually love it and possibly become quite skilled in even high level math such as algebra, geometry, and calculus. A lot of students will simply learn to get through a necessary part of grade school without quaking every time the subject is mentioned. Here are some tips that will help you as you work with your child to try and alleviate their math anxiety.

1. Talk about Fear

Why is your child afraid of math? Does they really find it difficult or is distraction to blame? Could there be a problem with the teacher-student relationship in which your child needs more help but her concerns are not being addressed? Perhaps she can’t hear her teacher or see the board. Once you have a better understanding of the obstacles you are facing, you will be able to better address the issue at hand.

2. Encourage Students

When a child is trying hard to improve their grade, show them that you have noticed. Sometimes a few kind words can mean more to a child than parents and teachers may realize. Do your best to focus on the positive aspects of the situation even if your student comes home with a grade that is sub par. If the test score is 65%, you should highlight the fact that more than half of the questions were answered correctly, and with a little more work, a passing grade is within reach.

3. Hire a Math Tutor

Scientists have shown that tutoring simply gives kids the practice they need to feel familiar and comfortable with the topic. Private math tutors have the luxury of being able to work one-on-one with a child, whereas a teacher in a classroom may have 30+ children to instruct. Your student will be able to ask questions in a safe environment without having to worry about being judged by other students for not grasping the material quickly.

4. Real Life Applications

The infamous “when am I ever going to need this?” discussion with your child? Adolescents have a difficult time grasping the real life applications of math. Try to involve your child in any monetary calculations that you do as part of your daily routine. At a grocery store, ask your child to keep track of the items in the cart and their prices by rounding up – then ask them to estimate the total before you get to the register. Or if you’re at a restaurant, have your child calculate what the gratuity will be. By making a connection between math and every day life, you could bring about a more thorough understanding about the application of algebraic concepts.

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