Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

REACH tutors are academically qualified in the subjects they teach. They are experienced teaching professionals and have a passion for helping children. Our stringent hiring requirements ensure that we have the best faculty available to serve your student. Our teachers know how to work with the specific needs of your child to bring out the best in each of them.

  • Our tutors must have classroom or private teaching experience – they are highly skilled in working with various types of students and can adapt their tutoring approach to best accommodate your child’s specific learning style and modalities.
  • One size does not fit all: Our teachers are specialists in specific areas such as high school and junior high school math, science or language arts. We have tutors who specialize in primary grades.
Can you accommodate my special needs child?
We have faculty members specially trained and experienced working with children who have learning disabilities such as ADD, ADHD, Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome as well as tutors able to work with student who have other, different mental and physical abilities.
Do you run background checks on your teachers?
Yes we do. In fact, we do more than a background check. We utilize an on-going monitoring process. All our teachers must submit to fingerprinting at an authorized agency, such as a police station. Those fingerprints are sent to the State of California Dept. of Justice who then runs the background check. As long as the teacher works for REACH, the DOJ will update any changes should they occur.
Can I request a specific type of tutor?
We try our best to match any specific requests that a parent may make. That may be for a female or male tutor etc. We have a large faculty and can generally accommodate these requests by adjusting schedules. Our primary goal is to provide the most qualified teacher possible; one that will also be able to bond quickly with the student and make progress in the learning rapidly.
What are your rates? Do you require any long-term contracts?

Our rates are per hour and vary depending upon your child’s grade level and specific needs. Our rates are very competitive and we do not require any long-term contracts, nor do we encourage them, as your child’s needs may fluctuate throughout the year depending on their course load and progress. Flexibility is important in order to achieve your child’s goals. Our programs consultant will be happy to explain all our programs and rates to you.

What type of assessment do you use?

This is another area where REACH excels. We do two types of assessments. The first is done by our local Educational Director during the in-home consultation. This assessment is less formal and determines the type of learning style your child has as well as specifics about his or her personality and how many hours of tutoring is needed. The second assessment is an academic assessment. This is more formal and is facilitated by the teacher during the first hour of tutoring. This will identify the exact areas of instruction that are needed most. The teacher will review the results of this assessment and you will be provided a copy of the results of this assessment upon request.

How soon will my child’s grades improve?

This will vary for each student depending on many variables such as:

  • The student’s motivation level to progress
  • Where the student currently stands in relation to the requirements of their class
  • Specific subjects
  • The number of weekly tutoring hours provided

You will begin to see your child’s understanding of the subject improve and their interest in the subject matter grow as their confidence increases after the first few weeks of tutoring. After that, their report cards will be positively impacted. Most students achieve a demonstrated level of improvement within 90 days. Our teachers will give you a recap and verbal progress report after each tutoring session.

Do you work with my child’s schoolteacher?

In many cases our tutors will contact your child’s school teacher to discuss specific objectives, future assignments and test dates and any other information that will help us better tutor your child.

What curriculum do you use?

We base our curriculum choices specifically towards the needs of your child. A specially designed program is developed for your student based on their learning modalities, distinct learning difficulties/strengths, subject matter needs and the California Standards required for their grade and subject. We work directly with the school-based curriculums in order to achieve the goals of your child within their classes. Success with our curriculum means achieving improvement in your child’s grades at report card time.

Do your tutors come to my home?

Yes, we provide one-on-one private tutoring in the comfort of your home. A regular schedule is established that best meets your child’s needs. Students are more relaxed at home and can accomplish more, faster, in a familiar environment. This is preferable for students in order to develop positive and consistent study habits in the actual location where they will be doing the majority of their studying and homework on their own. Additionally, the saving in commute, gas, and waiting time is a help for parent’s busy schedules.

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