Foreign Languages

There are so many incredible academic and personal benefits students can receive from learning to converse in a second, or even third, language!

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

According to the Summer Institute of Linguistics, more than two-thirds of the world’s children are bilingual. However, in America, only 17% of the total population speaks a second language in addition to English. While the United States has historically been accommodating to other languages, only a few of the world’s languages exist in U.S. schools and are taught to a limited number of students. There are so many incredible academic and personal benefits students can receive from learning to converse in a second, or even third, language! Here at Reach Pro Tutoring, our professional certified teachers can help your student enjoy all of these amazing advantages by giving them dedicated private foreign language instruction that may not be offered during the regular school day.

Academic Advantages

Higher Standardized Test Scores

No matter the language learned, students who study a foreign language tend to outperform their peers on a multitude of standardized tests. College Board, the organization that designs the all-important SAT test, found that students with four or more years of a foreign language scored on average 140 points higher in both critical reading and math, and 150 points higher in writing than students with a year or less of foreign language instruction. It goes without saying that if you want your student to have a leg up on the SAT, starting him in foreign language tutoring early on can make a huge difference!

Enhanced Reading and Communication Skills

Nancy Rhodes, Director of Foreign Language Education at the Center for Applied Linguistics states: “The more children learn about a foreign language, the more they understand their own first language.” In their native tongue, most students give little thought to sentence structure or grammar rules. When learning a new language, students better understand grammatical structure because of the differences in these concepts from language to language. Students also begin to expand their vocabulary as they learn new words and phrases that can be used in both languages.

Improved Overall Learning Ability

Kids who learn a foreign language are also statistically able to develop better spatial relations and problem solving skills. Research shows that kids that learn additional languages have enhanced memory, multi-tasking, and problem solving skills. Additionally, bilingual or multilingual students have been shown to outperform monolingual students on creativity tests.

Interpersonal Benefits

Appreciation of Other Cultures

In our interconnected world that gets smaller with each new technological advance, modern humans are more affected by global events than ever before. Speaking a foreign language increases understanding of other world cultures, and ingrains students with a more comprehensive world view. Multilingual kids have a much better chance at becoming open minded adults who appreciate that the world is full of many different types of people, all of whom have great worth and deserve respect. We can’t see any downside there.

Confidence and Self-Esteem Boosts

Many students find studying another language to be very rewarding. The more they learn, the easier it is to communicate, further motivating the student because they can see direct results of their hard work. Children also exhibit a sense of pride when they are able to understand and reciprocate conversation in a foreign language. Teachers, community members, and even other students also give kids positive reinforcement by being impressed with their knowledge. These language skills can build lasting relationships and memories that will positively impact your child over the course of his life.

Future opportunities and benefits

As the job market for students becomes increasingly competitive, a second language may be a great way for your student to have an edge on college applications and future careers! Being able to communicate with business people in their native language is also a major asset for job seekers. Especially in California, the demand for Spanish tutors has increased tremendously in recent years due to both a higher Latino population and close proximity to Mexico, one of the United States’ most important allies for trading goods and services.

While there are plenty of computer programs and online resources for teaching foreign languages, there is no replacement for interactive, individualized instruction. Language learning is a social activity and a tutor can readily engage a student in dialogue to get them to fully understand concepts. Here at Reach Pro Tutoring, we have Spanish tutors, French Tutors, and many other core language specialists that can offer your students the one on one attention they deserve! If you are interested in foreign language tutoring in Orange County, Los AngelesContra Costa County, or Chino Hills contact us today to get started!

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