Foster Youth

REACH has been serving California Foster Youth for over a decade and we serve only California. REACH is a private, family owned, woman-owned business operated by Elizabeth San Juan. 


Customized Programs 

REACH offers a full and comprehensive program to meet your needs for tutoring Foster Youth and Migrant students. Our FY program is one of the best in California because we use professional educators who are passionate about helping students. We get results and we provide all the documentation that you need to show the results of your budgeted funds.

We have the flexibility and options to meet your needs.

REACH has been serving California Foster Youth for over a decade and we serve only California. REACH is a private, family owned, woman owned business operated by Elizabeth San Juan.


Pre- and Post-Test Instruments

Based on your needs and requirements, each student is given a pre and post assessment using the Achieve Assessment.  We have additional assessments depending on the student’s ability and/or availability to complete an assessment. We have assessments in English or Spanish.  

For our Special Needs students, we request a copy of the IEP and will work on those goals. 

 REACH is committed to providing reasonable testing accommodations for students with documented disabilities or health related needs to ensure fairness of all test takers as recognized under the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Based on your districts policy, REACH also contacts the student’s classroom teacher, via email, to gain additional input on the student’s needs. 

REACH Instructional Program

We operate under a simple philosophy that has proven successful for hundreds of children. We provide tutoring using professional teachers/tutors who are academically qualified with proven teaching experience and a desire to help children. The money that your district invests in tutoring is directed at getting results. 

Our goal is the provide each child with an enriching and effective tutoring experience. 

Attempting to introduce a full new curriculum to a struggling student can cause confusion and can create further frustration. REACH Tutors utilize material that closely matches your school’s curriculum. This process assists the student in gaining a better understanding of the subject. Since REACH is not a franchised company, we are not limited to one propriety curriculum. 

Tutor Coordination

Your district will be assigned a Tutor Coordinator who will oversee the tutoring program, assign and manage tutors, and answer questions from parents. We provide a phone number for Spanish speaking caregivers. Norm Drexel, Managing Partner at REACH, is active in overseeing the program as well. It is a full team effort.

✔ Professional Educators
✔ Dedicated Recruiting Personnel to insure the quickest tutor assignment possible.
✔ Pre and Post Assessments
✔ On-Line Access 24/7
✔ Reach Out to Student’s classroom teacher
✔ Reputation for Getting Results
✔ Ability to Accept Special Needs Students
✔ Tutors Trained in How to Deal with Children Who Have Experienced Trauma

Get Started


At REACH, we understand that you need to know what is going on with your Foster Students who are in a tutoring program, you want communication when you want it, and you want to be sure that your vendor provides timely concise reports that you can use. 

We offer an online communication program that is web-based and can be accessed 24/7 by authorized persons in your district. It gives you access to lesson notes, past and planned future attendance, and can email lesson notes to teachers. Our tutors are required to update the system within 24 hours of completing each session. 

We can track your spending at the end of each month to be sure that your budgeted funds are not exceeded.

At the end of the school year or program, we can provide you with a report showing the growth of each student and the notes from each tutoring session. We can provide this is various formats and in some cases, offer you a comparison of how your student’s progress matched to other districts around the state. 

For more details about our customized tutoring programs, please email Norm Drexel at or call 909-457-4149 ext. 4

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