Helping to Improve the Academic Success of Foster Youth

a woman tutoring a young boyMore than 60,000 children are in Foster Care in California. More than 20,000 in Los Angeles County. Often these children have experienced on-going traumatic experiences and have been exposed to negative behavior by family members. Many times this results in social issues, reluctance to trust people and emotional issues.

The child’s education is often disrupted as they are moved from home to home and school to school. They can often have difficulty focusing, getting acclimated to new schools and staying caught up. Most children in foster care are below grade level. Add a learning disability and their challenge in even greater. Many stop attending school. Less than 50% of foster youth graduate high school. 100% of them have dreams of a better future.

REACH brings a decade of experience in tutoring children who have entered foster care. We understand the needs of this population and how foster care can affect a child’s educational development. We also understand the needs of caregivers, school districts, case workers and other agencies.

We have the infrastructure in place to work with almost any student in foster care, including Special Education needs, Autism and learning disabilities. Our tutoring is one-on-one in the student’s home, public library, school or foster group home. We also offer group tutoring for subjects such as Study Skills, test taking skills (reduce test anxiety) and college test prep.

REACH can also provide on-site tutors at group homes for tutoring on a drop-in basis. We can also tutor students who are incarcerated or on probation.

We bring a record of strong academic results through use of professional educators, and our One-Face program that provides one tutor through pre-assessment, tutoring and post-assessment. In many cases, the REACH tutor is able to follow the student through high school and onto college as they age-out of county. We try to assist in connecting students to alternative funding programs that support students attending college.

Most of our tutors are credential teachers and are experts in the subjects they tutor. In addition to their academic skills, we provide training in areas of sensitivity, methods to deal with difficult children, coaching children to think before they act and a good understanding of how children enter foster care and how they leave foster care. All of our tutors go through Livescan and on-going monitoring.

Our on-line tutor portal provides 24/7 access to notes from every tutoring session. Information is automatically emailed to authorized receivers as identified by the funding agency.

Our FY Tutoring Directors will provide you with a detailed proposal to meet AB 854 requirements, the requirements of your district, county or children’s organization.

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ReMoved is a video dramatizing the often traumatic process children enter foster care.