FREE Algebra Homework Help

Algebra Homework Help

Let’s face it, Algebra is tough. It’s tough for our children who are struggling to learn it for the first time, and it can also be
tough for parents who are doing their best to help their kids with Algebra homework, but are struggling to remember the math lessons that they received when they were in school. Some parents are reluctant to admit that they are having trouble assisting their kids with their math homework, but rest assured, this is a very common problem.

The best way to make sure that your child is in a position to catch up, keep up and move ahead in their math class is to
get them an Algebra Tutor who will be able assess your child’s individual needs and come up with a lesson plan that will get them back on the right track.

However, there are also free resources on the internet that can help you and your student brush up on Algebra. We took a survey among our Algebra Tutors, and came up with this list of free resources that aim to squash math anxiety by breaking down problems step-by-step.

Yay Math

Yay Math is a free and publicly available website that students, teachers, and home-schoolers can use. Yay Math offers high-quality math instruction via live videos streamed from classes with real students. School administrators can invite Yay Math to offer on-going math tutoring services or for speaking engagements.

Yay Math also has a mobile app that students can download from the iTunes store and use to learn more about algebra. The app contains algebra content divided into 12 units. This is in addition to audio and visual overview of each section, flashcards summarizing main concepts, multiple choice test questions with hints, interactive examples, and verbal/visual descriptions of algebra concepts.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a not-for-profit online learning resource that offers world-class education to anyone, anywhere. Students, parents, and even teachers can sign up and access Khan Academy’s instructional videos and interactive examples that are certain to provide your child with the algebra homework help that they need.

After signing up, students can add a “coach” such as a parent who supports their algebra learning efforts. Khan Academy uses a “mastery system” with levels ranging from ‘Struggling” to “Mastered” to give learners feedback on their progress. Moreover, the practice tasks that learners tackle, focus on one specific skill.

Khan Academy also allows parents to create “child accounts” to ensure children do not access inappropriate content. In fact, Khan Academy provides restricted accounts to children under 13 signed up by their parents. On the algebra homework front, one can use Khan Academy’s instructional videos to solve pre-algebra, algebra I, and algebra II problems.

Wolfram Alpha

Unlike Khan Academy and Yay Math, Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. On its homepage, has a search bar where students or parents can type a math problem or algebraic expression that they would like to solve. They also have the option to search for a particular topic they would like to learn more about. In addition, Wolfram Alpha’s computational knowledge engine can slice and dice image inputs or data inputs and spit out appropriate answers. Students and parents can download Wolfram Alpha apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and NOOK devices.

For students who need algebra homework help, Wolfram MathWorld is a good starting point because this section contains extensive algebra content and interactive examples. A useful feature that students should definitely try is the Wolfram Problem Generator. This feature allows one to generate an unlimited number of math practice problems and answers. Each generated practice problem comes with hints and detailed step-by-step solutions. At the same time, one can generate printable worksheets. The beauty of this feature is it generates problems on the fly, not from a database. This means it is unlikely to generate a problem that you have already tackled.


While there are plenty of free resources for Algebra help on the internet, nothing beats the personalized attention of a Private Algebra Tutor. At REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring, we make sure to pair your child with a math tutor who will be able to cater to their specific learning style. We have Algebra Tutors available in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Jose, Chino and more! Call us today for a free consultation to find out how REACH Pro Tutoring can help your child Catch Up, Keep Up and Move Ahead!