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Per the latest research from Fresno’s Early Assessment Program, an overwhelming majority of Fresno’s Unified students are not ready for college.  Approximately 98 percent of 11th graders are not considered to be ready for college.

The goal of the Early Assessment program is to test 11th graders in California to see if they are ready to take college classes.  The program is monitored by the Department of Education and the California State University system.

According to research that references the 2014-15 school year, it is estimated that about 98 percent of Fresno students must take remedial courses during college if they don’t get better grades during their senior year of high school.

These Early Assessment Programs aim to let the school system know that certain children aren’t progressing academically so that measures can be taken to help students get up to speed. Simply knowing that there is a problem puts parents and students in a good position to find resources and seek help before the student graduates high school.

According to Fresno Unified these numbers are so low because this is the first time that it has been required to use Common Core standards; however, Fresno Unified had this problem well before these standards were put into place.

Miguel Arias, the spokesman for Fresno Unified, claims that the Early Assessment Program is not the only thing that students should be judged by.  It should not be the main indicator of whether or not students are ready for college.  He believes that the program should just be used as a warning.

Students Who are Ready for College

According to recent research, about 23 percent of students in California were ready for college English and 15 percent were ready for math.   In 2011, this number was 11 percent for English and 4 percent for math.  These results became available during a Fresno Unified board meeting.  Many trustees were amazed by these numbers.  The board felt that these numbers were sub-par, and that things needed to systematically improve.

One of the trustees did not think that the numbers matched other results that the school system had received.  Other factors were also used to determine if students were college material.  For instance, it was assumed that at least 50 percent of the student population passed basic high school courses.  It is believed that if students pass these classes, they should be ready for college.

Students with Failing Grades

Over 60 percent of the freshmen at Fresno State have to take remedial classes.  This indicates that these students are already behind the curve. Clovis Unified has about 33 percent of its students ready to take college English, and 12 percent were ready to take college math.  This number was 12 percent for English and 2 percent for the students at Central Unified.

What Can We Do?

Students who are falling behind in high school could benefit from the expertise of a private tutor. Whether it’s for Math, English, Common Core or College Prep the private tutors at Reach Professional In-Home Tutoring are here to help your child catch up, keep up, and move ahead!