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The San Jose Museum of Art is an art museum in Downtown San Jose, California, USA. Founded in 1969, the museum hosts a large permanent collection emphasizing West Coast artists of the 20th- and 21st-century. It is located next to the Circle of Palms Plaza and Plaza de César Chávez park.

It has often been said that children are like sponges because they easily soak in information from the stimuli surrounding them. Between birth and the age of three, the human brain increases to 80 percent of its adult size, which is why it is imperative for parents to foster learning. But learning doesn’t have to be a chore. Research shows that when kids are engaged in an activity that they consider fun, they’re more likely to comprehend and retain the information. We asked our private tutors in San Jose to put together a list of their favorite field trip destinations that are fun and educational.

Learning can be exciting and engaging at the same time. In fact, many local attractions in San Jose provide an environment that is both fun and educational, guaranteed to pique you child’s natural curiosity and inspire them to use basic problem-solving skills.

1. The San Jose Museum of Art

The San Jose Museum of Art is a fantastic place to visit with your budding artist. Little animal lovers will adore checking out the “Artists Including Me: William Wegman” exhibit on display through early February 2016.  Wegman is best known for his creative and heartwarming photographs of his Weimaraner dogs, which is sure to please the little ones.

Another exciting exhibit, Character Studies: Clay from the Collection” is also popular among adults and children alike.  The ceramic sculptures featured in this exhibition are imaginative expressions of the human figure, ranging from funky abstractions to larger-than-life busts and quirky characters.

The San Jose Museum of Art is also Santa Clara County’s largest provider of arts education, aimed at helping school-aged children and families investigate art and the overall creative process in fun ways. Each spring the museum hosts a week-long Kids Art Camp for campers ages 6–9. Not only do participants get to check out all of the museum’s exhibits, they also participate in hands-on projects for their very owns student art exhibition.

2. The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

Our private tutors in San Jose absolutely love the Children’s Discovery Museum.  The facility regularly draws rave reviews, as it offers a myriad of educational opportunities guaranteed to engage and excite. The museum’s popular art loft is a space where kids can create their own artwork, while the whimsical “Bubbles” exhibit gives visitors an opportunity to shape, stretch study, and blow bubbles of all shapes and sizes.  The Kid’s Garden is another must-see exhibit, as it teaches kids important lessons about nature and the plant life-cycle process. Kids are invited to check out what’s sprouting, view a working bee hive, and join staff for the last hour of the garden-day to water the various plant life.  Additionally, the Secrets of Circles exhibit encourages guests to build an arch bridge, hop on an authentic bamboo Vietnamese round boat, and balance spinning discs. Our math tutors love this use of ratios because it gets kids thinking about math outside the confines of a traditional classroom environment.

3. The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a favorite among our Math Tutors in San Jose. This is another spot that seeks to ‘inspire the innovator in everyone. The Tech’s galleries offer hands-on opportunities to explore how evolving technological innovation is changing our lives. Kids can take a ride in a chair resembling a NASA unit, and imagine life as an astronaut as they navigate and float around the arena using compressed air jets. Guests can also experience the feeling of an earthquake by visiting the museum’s shake table that simulates an actual seismic event.

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