Back To School

It’s Back To School Season

It seems like just a few short weeks ago, we all finished school in a haze of June glory, thinking about our summer camps, concerts in the park, trips to the beach and endless lazy summer days….…so when on earth did it suddenly become August?!

We only have days to go! And Target is already running out of pink binders! Moms of elementary school-aged daughters are all well aware of what that means!

Now is the time to start preparing for the Back To School season, and following are some expert tips on making the transition from sunny summer days to sudden classroom concentration that little bit easier:

Start Practicing for the Early Schedule Now

If your wake up calls have been drifting recently, it is time to start getting bodies and minds back into the habit of early rising. Dealing with the sleepiness now will mean being able to hit the ground running come the end of August. Math teachers will appreciate their charges at least starting the year bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Paperwork and Procedures

Double check that required immunizations are up to date, report cards are ready, registration documentation has been completed and other required documentation is up to date and completed. Schedule required doctor and dentist visits for mid-August.

 Plan Before you Buy

Pick through the children`s clothes now, and store or donate what you no longer need going into the Fall season. Make a note of what you are short of, and stick to your list and budget. Obtain the supply lists for your school and grade in advance and pick up the necessities now. Leaving it until the last minute will often mean frustration and wasted time trawling through different shops to find what is still left in stock. Check the supplies you need for lunch boxes and thermos bottles. Don`t forget to save new shoe boxes for diorama projects later in the year!

Brace for the Paper Avalanche

Prepare a home filing system ready for the onslaught of school / cub scout / soccer / PTA paperwork.

Prepare for the Morning Routine

Consider what can be prepared the night before to make the mornings less hectic. Shoes and bags can be laid out, breakfast items can be put within easy reach, perhaps even try a trial run of the morning commute to a new school to ensure timings are correct. The first day is not a good time to discover there is always a snarl up of traffic on the main street 3 blocks from school!

Dive into a Great Book

Reading is one of the easiest and best ways to keep young minds ticking over during the summer. If your child has reading problems, consider hiring a reading tutor to help bring them up to grade level by the end of summer. If your child is reading well, consider an English tutor to challenge them beyond their normal comfort level and give them a head start on their new grade curriculum.

Academic Preparation

If a child is struggling in a particular area, or has a special interest or ability in an area that you would like to encourage, consider enrolling in a short study program offered by REACH throughout August. There are a vast range of options, from language tutors to history tutors to science tutors from San Jose and San Francisco through to English tutors and Math tutors down in Los Angeles and Orange County. Save on a block of summer lessons in a program specifically designed to help prepare a student for the coming year whatever their level of academic ability.

Happy New School Year!