child hiding bad grade from fatherWe know how jarring it can be to have a child come home with less than satisfactory grades. In our time as private tutors, we’ve worked closely with hundreds of parents who are concerned about their children’s performance in school.

While it’s natural to be upset in that moment, we recommend that you do your best to stay calm and remove emotion from the situation.

“Concern is perfectly healthy and natural, but what you want to avoid is panic and blame” said Randy, a private math tutor in Chino Hills. “Talk with your child about what they believe the issue is, and then schedule some time to speak with your child’s teacher and address these concerns. Avoid placing blame on any party – especially your child, until you have identified the source of the problem. Once you have a better understanding of the issue you can work with your child and their teacher to develop a plan to move forward.”

For those parents who are wondering what to do about their children’s poor grades; we’ve compiled the following guide to help you navigate these uncharted waters.

Homework Help

Go over your child’s homework with them, and have them explain the material to you. You will quickly get a grasp on what material they do understand, and what they’re struggling with. Having them explain the material to you will also help them commit it to memory and deepen their understanding of it.

This will also ensure that your child’s homework gets done. A private reading tutor in Huntington Beach stated “missing or incomplete homework can really tank a grade, even if a student understands the material”.

Bad Test Taker

Test anxiety is very common. Depending on the class, one exam can potentially account for half of a student’s grade. We shouldn’t be surprised when children are distracted by the pressure of test taking.

Check out our blog: 5 Tips for Exam Preparation to help your child with test taking skills.

Private Tutoring

Whether you are tight on time, or aren’t familiar with the material your child is studying, a private tutor will evaluate your student and then develop a plan to get them back on track.

We’re sure it’s no surprise to you that math is the most common subject that students typically need tutoring for. When it comes to subjects like Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, or Geometry it’s advisable to seek the services of a math tutor unless a parent is very knowledgeable on the subject.

Discipline and Punishments

The most important to thing to remember is that negative reinforcement could exacerbate the situation rather than improve it.

While it’s possible that your student might need some restrictions imposed to remove some distractions, or perhaps modify a poor attitude, we recommend that you avoid raising your voice, and try not to levy any excessive punishments.

It’s likely that your student is already feeling inadequate or unintelligent. It’s important that they feel like they have a support system, and can come to you when they are having trouble.

Instituting a rule that restricts electronic devices or leisure activities until all homework/studying is completed is recommended.

Learning Disabilities

You can find some of the common indicators of learning disabilities here.

If you feel your child might have a learning disability like ADHD, or Dyslexia, contact their teacher and see what resources the school has available. In most cases a professional will evaluate your child and then come up with a plan of action based on the results.