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REACH offers specialized tutoring by credentialed teachers to assist our students with special needs. Our special education teachers are knowledgeable experts in their subject areas, compassionate individuals who care about their students and bring years of experience. They are a wealth of knowledge and often become strong allies for parents navigating the world of IEPs, 504 plans, inclusion, special day classes, and the like.

REACH Special Education tutors pride themselves in the ability to assist children of all ages overcome learning challenges like dyslexia, ADD, auditory and visual processing disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, and other specific learning disabilities. We believe that all it takes is some one-on-one attention where students are taught strategic methods for accessing and making sense of the curriculum – and the world around them.

Our programs for special needs students are individualized and completely customized to fill gaps in communication skills, comprehension skills, social skills, organization and study skills, and subject-areas such as math, science, history, and reading.

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