STEM Programs

STEM is a common acronym in the education field that refers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Although usually perceived to be intimidating and challenging for students, these are exciting subjects that can spark a child’s curiosity and have the potential to address multiple real-world challenges that we face in today’s world.

Many well respected educational and economic authorities across the country believe that STEM education plays a critical role in U.S. global competitiveness and future economic prosperity. Indeed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, STEM career wages are 71% higher than the national average. Because of the amazing potential that STEM has to change our world, many educators are aiming to empower the next generation of innovators through an online portal called The Connectory.

The Connectory is a comprehensive portal that connects students, families and educators to all things STEM in their area. The Connectory also boasts a provider service for youth-serving STEM professionals to be able to connect to other program providers, showcase programs and promote special events. The website also lists a variety of STEM resources to help further inspire students to explore their curiosity. Some of these include at home science ideas and activities, family resources and guides, lists of websites about STEM innovations, and even a database of women in STEM professions who are inspiring role models for girls and young women called FabFems.

The Connectory’s portal also allows parents to find educational opportunities and events for their students by zip code. The events are in various formats such as summer programs, competitions, field trips, and after school programs, all designed to teach students about real world STEM applications. For example, this exciting Digital Production summer program is a week of hands on learning about planning, shooting and editing videos, located at 3026 Nebraska Ave. in Santa Monica. Another less expensive option for students of any age is a Guided Hike of the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, located at the Bolsa Chica Conservancy in Huntington Beach.

As a leading provider of credentialed math tutors all across California, at REACH Pro Tutoring we know that the process of teaching and learning STEM offers students incredible opportunities to make sense of the world around them. High-quality STEM opportunities help children develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills, as well as enhancing creativity and engagement in investigative processes.

STEM skills are also critical for all members of our society to be informed consumers and make decisions about complex issues that face the world. These skills are vital for future job security, as STEM-related jobs are some of the fastest growing jobs in the country. In fact, according to Microsoft Research, by 2018 there will be 350,000 unfilled jobs in computer science.

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