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In the past few years, there has been a heated debate in the U.S. regarding whether or not school today is harder than it has ever been before. It’s undeniable that the current education system expects a lot of our students. We expect them to learn and retain information across multiple subjects, with tight deadlines, heavy workloads and less than ideal classroom conditions in some cases.

Even though today’s students are far more technologically advanced than ever before, that same technology comes with some pretty powerful distractions. Whether it is texting, video games, television, YouTube, social media, or web surfing, many of these activities didn’t even exist when a lot of today’s parents were growing up.

Whether you believe that school is more difficult now than it has ever been is up to you, but I think we can all agree that education today is tough. It’s tough on our kids, it’s tough on our teachers, and often times; it can be difficult on parents. That’s why REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring offers a wide array of private tutors with multiple specialties to help your student catch up, keep up, and move ahead!

Common Core Tutors

Our private tutors in San Diego have talked to a lot of parents who struggle to help their children with common core math homework. Since the Common Core Standards were introduced a few short years ago, some parents find that it’s difficult to decipher the new teaching methods. Our common core tutors are very familiar with the standards and will help your child get up to speed.

Math Tutors

It’s no secret that many students struggle with Math. Since math is a subject where concepts build upon each other, it’s easy for a student to fall behind quickly and have trouble catching back up. We have extensive experience helping students with subjects like algebra, geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. If you feel that your child might be falling behind, you should be expedient in finding a math tutor in San Diego to get them caught up.

Reading and Writing Tutors

Whether you call it English, Language Arts, or just plain old reading and writing, we’ve got a private tutor that can help your student learn the fundamentals that will set them up for academic success. Falling behind in reading and writing can put a child at a serious disadvantage in the rest of their classes. If a student is struggling to read in English class, that means that it’s very likely that they are struggling to understand the material in most of their other classes. If a student is having problems forming coherent sentences in their writing, it will be hard for them to do well in any of their classes.

Science Tutors

It takes a lot of work to keep up with Science. Our private tutors in San Diego frequently help students with subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth Science. Often times problems can arise in science classes if a student is struggling with note taking, organization or time management as it relates to homework. REACH can help your child develop the skills they need to excel in their science courses.

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At REACH, we pride ourselves in hiring only the best tutors – seeking out those with an advanced understanding of the Common Core Standards. REACH works closely with our team of Educational Specialists to consult with new REACH families and to match Orange County students with the best tutors in the business. All of our Orange County tutors are highly qualified educators who have either years of classroom experience or a teaching credential – and in many cases, both.
                REACH In-Home Tutoring has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of custom private tutoring. The passionate educators contracted as a part of this educational team work diligently to provide the best tutoring experience for their clients. We provides parents with an open line of communication at all times, ensuring that their children’s needs are being met. Our team has helped hundreds of children grasp difficult concepts, ace tests, increase SAT scores, and become confident, eager scholars. The Common Core Standards are no match for this knowledgeable, passionate team of educators!

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