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Private Online and In-Home Tutoring in Orange County, CA.

With over five years since the full implementation of Common Core statewide in California, Educators, Administrators and, most importantly, Students, have adapted to the changes and many have now embraced Common Core.

While many parents were frustrated by the implementation of Common Core and still find it difficult to assist with Common Core homework, they have accepted that this is now a normal routine of homework and classwork for their children. Most of the students enrolled in REACH are struggling, in part, because parents struggle to help them get caught up using their Common Core homework. Math and Language Arts are the primary subjects requested by parents.  Our assessments will give us a better understanding of each student’s needs so we can customize a tutoring program that meets their academic needs and learning style. We currently use the Achieve Assessment, which we license, because it is used by many school districts in California. We prefer this to any proprietary assessment since the Achieve Assessment better aligns with what your child is doing in school.

Children are individuals. They do not all learn in the same manner. That is why a customized one-on-one program is the best method of tutoring. This is one of the area’s that REACH has excelled and has been ranked high by parents. Our tutoring staff is made up of professional educators who know Common Core and know how to teach. We help students get caught up and help them stay caught up.

One of the dangers in waiting too long to bring in one of our tutors, is that a high school can become very frustrated and embarrassed by their lack of understanding the subject. This creates fear that they will be called on in class. They build a resentment for Math or Reading and become resistant to assistance. No one wants to see this. We often get them back on track by teaching the basics and working up to current class level. We want to improve their academic skills, which will help improve their confidence and self esteem. A happy, confident student can accomplish so much more.

Orange County comprises many communities. Parents understand the need and value of a great education. You want the best future for your children, and you put aside other things so you can invest in your child. We understand that you have high expectations when hiring a tutor. We strive to meet those expectations.

REACH provides professional tutoring in Mathematics, from primary grades through Trigonometry, Calculus and Geometry, Language Arts, Sciences, Study Skills, Homework Help, SAT and ACT prep, as well as serving students with Learning Disabilities who have an IEP or 504 program.

At REACH, we pride ourselves in hiring only the best tutors – seeking out those with an advanced understanding of the Common Core Standards. REACH works closely with our team of Educational Specialists to consult with new REACH families and to match Orange County students with the best tutors in the business. All of our Orange County tutors are highly qualified educators who have either years of classroom experience or a teaching credential – and in many cases, both.
                REACH In-Home Tutoring has proven itself as a force to be reckoned with in the field of custom private tutoring. The passionate educators contracted as a part of this educational team work diligently to provide the best tutoring experience for their clients. We provides parents with an open line of communication at all times, ensuring that their children’s needs are being met. Our team has helped hundreds of children grasp difficult concepts, ace tests, increase SAT scores, and become confident, eager scholars. The Common Core Standards are no match for this knowledgeable, passionate team of educators!

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