A parent was banned from a Laguna Niguel middle school after being captured on cellphone video as she made threats in front of a classroom full of students last Tuesday morning. Her confrontation with the students concerned the alleged bullying of her daughter.

A cellphone video shows Christian Tinsley at the front of a classroom in Niguel Hills Middle School, where she proceeded to speak to multiple students regarding the alleged bullying incidents. Ms. Tinsley stated that her daughter had been the target of bullying for several months by a certain group of male students.

Mother Claims Bullying Grew Worse After Being Reported

Our private tutors in Orange County have learned that Ms. Tinsley claimed that even though disciplinary action was taken by the school, the bullying still continued, and actually grew worse after she involved school administrators. The mother alleges that her child was targeted by sexist and racist remarks, as well as derogatory speech and other types of harassment since the school year began. She acknowledged that school administrators did intervene, but that they needed to do much more to get the situation under control.

School Principal Contacts Parents

Principal Tim Reece contacted parents in an email last Tuesday afternoon in which he stated that sometime during second period, Tinsley entered the school’s classroom and threatened the students she believed had repeatedly harassed her daughter.

Tinsley reportedly said that if anyone bullied her daughter again, looked at her the wrong way, or even breathed at her the wrong way that they should send their moms, sisters, aunts, and anybody over 18 to Tinsley and that she would F— them up.” To emphasize what she was saying, Tinsley also passed out “Free A– Kicking” vouchers that she had apparently made herself.

The teacher present in the schoolroom at the time called the front office for help and the mother was eventually escorted out by the assistant principal.

Tinsley Banned From Campus

According to the Capistrano Unified School District, Tinsley was banned from the school’s campus as of last Wednesday.  Michele Gile of CBS LA spoke with Tinsley, who admitted she may have gone about the problem the wrong way by taking matters into her own hands. However, she told Gile that sometimes as a parent, you must decide whether or not you should go a step further despite the consequences if you feel you have done everything possible to resolve a situation without success. Tinsley stated that the last straw was when her daughter said that if she were not a stronger person she may have contemplated or committed suicide due to the bullying.

Principal Reece made a statement to the families of students at the school, during which he said claims of harassment and bullying are always taken seriously and immediately investigated. He stated that both the parents and the students involved in any such incident are contacted by teachers and school administrators to resolve the issue.

Case Now Under Investigation by Orange County Sheriff’s Department

Reece stated that it is not exactly clear how the mother got on campus, as visitors must stop at the front office to sign in before entering classrooms or other areas of the school. The mother’s concerns are valid, as harassment and bullying are serious issues at many schools, leading some students to commit acts of violence, as well as contemplate or commit suicide. The Sheriff’s Department of Orange County currently has the case under investigation.