Two nonprofit educational organizations have launched a website aimed at making it easier for California educational institutions to select instructional materials that align with the standards of Common Core.

The site, otherwise known as the California Curriculum Collaborative, includes the California Board of Education recommended curriculum materials, for both mathematics and English language arts, for elementary grades, K-8. Educators will also find detailed information concerning resources for grades K-12 which are reviewed by EdReports, one of the founding nonprofits.

EdReports established the website by collaborating with Pivot Learning. Pivot Learning provides career- and college-readiness support to the state’s schools.

This recently launched sight is specifically designed with California educators in mind. These K-12 reviews were previously offered on the EdReports site, but were designed for teachers across the United States and did not include the recommendations from the California board.

The new site is also helpful for schools and districts that decide to select materials off the state’s list of recommendations, but that still allow teachers to meet the Common Core standards.

Currently the State Board only adopts a recommended materials list for grades K-8, but does not adopt a list for high schools. The state gives districts the freedom to select the material they use each grade level, but such materials must align with its adopted Common Core standards.

We’ve heard from our private tutors that deciding on the materials for use in a district is a time-consuming process that can take months before a final adoption is made. To facilitate the process, the two partner nonprofits plan to offer spring regional workshops throughout the state to teach districts how the website tools can aid them in selecting their materials.

The dozens of options in instructional materials make the task of finding high-quality curricula a challenge for most districts. The process is no small task.

The reviews provide thoughtful analysis of currently available materials to help meet the needs of districts, counties, schools and educators in this process.

Districts should be aware that neither the new site, or EdReports site reviews all of the state’s recommended materials.  Reviews of the recommended materials are available on the state board’s website.

The reports by EdReports offer color-coding to help in the selection process. For materials that meet the Common Core expectation, educators select those with green reports. Materials with yellow reports only meet part of the expectations, while red reports mean the materials do not meet the expectations.

These reports allow leaders and educators to focus on the needs of students and select materials designed to help students excel in the educational process.

Although California has adopted English Language Development standards, these standards are not included in the ratings. Such standards ensure materials are designed to help students learning English to become fluent. The website does include questions for use in evaluation of materials and how they align with the state’s standards.

EdReports does not include these standards in the reports because they are not included in the Common Core standards other states have adopted.

As a private tutoring service that serves Los Angeles, Orange County, Chino Hills and San Bernardino, we are committed to helping students across the state of California get up to speed with the Common Core standards in any way we can. We will continue to report on news surrounding Common Core as part of our ongoing mission to help students catch up, keep up, and move ahead!