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REACH offers online tutoring that gives you all the features of in-home tutoring along with some additional benefits such as convenience and accessibility.

Which Tutoring Package is BEST for you?

At Reach Pro Tutoring, we realize that every student’s needs are different, and we offer several online tutoring packages to fit your needs.

If your child needs something more, please call and speak with one of our enrollment counselors to discuss a customized online tutoring package that’s right for you.

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Kids LOVE computers so online learning comes naturally to them. They will be quick to adapt to this online learning environment and will develop their technological skills simultaneously as they learn and grow in this 21st century. It is simple to use!

Questions? We can help! Do not hesitate to speak or chat with one of our professionals today!

More Options

Online tutoring also offers MORE scheduling OPTIONS than in-home. All you need is a stable internet connection and a tablet or computer with a camera. We can provide a greater variety of professional educators with credentials and experience that align more closely with your child’s needs.

Our tutors are located throughout southern California and virtual tutoring eliminates any distance and time constraints.

Once we match you with a great tutor and your first session is scheduled, your child will engage in a live one-on-one virtual tutoring session. Tutors will be able to instruct and help your child learn through a whiteboard screen from the safety and comfort of your home.

No Software Needed

Our whiteboard software where tutoring takes place, does not require any app or software download onto your computer. It is a site entered only by email invitation from our professional tutor. Homework, documents and other teaching material is often uploaded and used for teaching throughout the session. Students can share their screen with their tutor for immediate feedback! Most sessions can be recorded so your child can review it or keep it for reference after the session is over.

We still offer a tutoring experience that is customized to your unique child’s needs and the way they learn. Our great tutors are determined to get positive results through online learning.

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