Great-grandmother, Charlotte Lonnee, has set an example for many older individuals by continuously learning new things and embracing new experiences regardless of how many birthdays go by. According to grandson Damian Lonnee, 95 year old Charlotte Lonnee is a world traveler who has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to learning. She has taken non credit adult classes for the past four decades and has no plans to stop.

Damian could not decide what to give this extraordinary lady for her January 14th birthday, as he refers to her as “the woman who has, and does, everything.” At age 83, this on-the-go senior even climbed the steps to the Parthenon when visiting Greece. Among other accomplishments are years of volunteer work, for which she was given the 2014 Garden Grove Silver Spoon award for her efforts. She is currently enrolled in a watercolor workshop and two quilting classes. Charlotte has stated that she does not understand people who get bored, because there are so many life activities available.

This sprightly great-grandmother has traced her family’s roots to 1700s Luxembourg, and has seven children and numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even one great-great grandchild. Her 42-year-old son Damian, in his quest to choose a gift, has ultimately decided to honor her birthday by inspiring family members to pursue education and keep going to school. Damian is a adjunct professor at Wisconsin’s Marion University.

Ten of the many classes Charlotte has taken over the past 40 years were completed at Santiago Canyon College in Orange, and the Vice President of continuing education at this institution awarded his dedicated student a certificate to commemorate her dedication to learning. Many classmates and family members were there to cheer for her accomplishments.

One of our math tutors in Irvine mentions “As an educator, it’s just so heart warming to see a person with such drive, and a recognition that no matter how much experience you have, there is always something new to learn!”

Her youngest son, 51-year-old Patrick Lonnee, said his mom enjoys watching DIY shows, documentaries, and completing projects that are “larger than life,” as well as helping her children do the same.

Charlotte also recently made more than 50 party favors for guests at Monday’s birthday celebration. This was held at the lovely Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar. The latter is a museum of living plants and one of many interesting and enjoyable places to visit in Orange. Others include Irvine Regional Park, which is nestled among groves of Sycamore and Heritage Oak trees.

Other great landmarks in the beautiful area include The Lewis Ainsworth House, a historical home in the city of Orange and the Musco Center for the Arts, where a variety for performances are scheduled on a regular basis.

Recently, Charlotte’s daughter, 57-year-old Lisa Ingoglia, attended quilting classes with her mother, as the energetic senior enjoys doing special activities with each of her children.This remarkable 95-year-old plans to continue learning and visiting fun and interesting places for the rest of her life.