Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Degrees in California

Yahoo is one of the latest major tech companies to announce its new location in Playa Vista, an area west of Los Angeles dubbed “Silicon Beach” and fast becoming almost as well-known as a hub for technology as its sister city Silicon Valley, near San Jose. Joining the ranks of Microsoft, Google and USC`s Institute for Creative Technologies who all have bought or leased significant space in the area, Yahoo stated one of the areas attractions was it`s “access to talent”.

While the debate continues to rage nationwide over whether STEM degrees are over-supplied, leading STEM graduates to seek employment outside of technology industries, under-supplied, (a large portion of those working in the IT field have a degree in a field unrelated to technology) or somewhere in between, there is no doubt that, in Northern and Southern Private Tutors in San JoseCalifornia at least, the continued influx and expansion of high profile technology companies is going to continue to create demand for STEM graduates in the future. This has driven an increase in demand for math tutors and science tutors to assist at both the high school and college level.

And yet, despite increasing support for STEM courses and students, a 2012 report issued by the Presidents Council of Advisors on Science & Technology found that 40-60% of university entrants who have the intention of graduating in a STEM field, finally leave university with a non-STEM related degree. The reasons for this are well-researched, chief among them being lackluster introductory courses, inadequate academic preparation for the required Math level, and an academic culture sometimes accused of being unwelcoming to women and ethnic minorities in particular. More and more, students that want to pursue this area of study are turning to Private Tutors in Los Angeles and Private Tutors in San Jose.

While alleged skill-shortages are filled by foreign guest-workers, there are accusations that wages are being kept lower in the industry by companies more inclined to hire cheaper labor from overseas, leaving a whole host of aging former dot-com boomers underemployed.

The political climate continues to fluctuate regarding the immigration issue, but there is nonetheless no doubt that STEM is hugely important to America`s future. A recent Depart of Labor report cited that while only 5% of US workers are employed in science and engineering, they are responsible for up to 50% of the country`s sustained economic expansion.

Preparing Your Student For A Career In The Technology Industry

Science TutorsSo how do we grow our own talent from home? Especially in California, the nation`s tech capital? According to CNN money, 8 years ago 37 of the top 100 projected fastest growing tech companies were in California (Massachusetts came second with just 8).

Supplying the demand here, means breaking through the attrition noted at college level, with adequate preparation for college courses, and more attention given to nurturing STEM talent in our nation`s young women and minority groups.

Many students have already recognized the potential opportunities. As California’s premier tutoring service, REACH is finding increased demand for Science tutors, Math tutors, Algebra Tutors, geometry tutors and SAT prep. Demand for Math Tutoring in general is increasing, even at primary grades, since the introduction of Common Core. Technology companies are demanding the best graduates, and tutoring to gain the edge on entering a higher level college, and surviving and thriving on arrival, is a proven way to a head start in the race to Google`s hallowed halls.