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Education – the New Mani-Pedi

Busy working moms, whether they be in an office, at home, or a hybrid of both, will often clash on a wide variety of issues from vaccines to exercise programs to giving children soda. But there is one area in which we all agree – that a little “me” time, invested in ourselves, is worth every penny and every minute. Something as indulgent as a weekly luxury mani-pedi, or as simple as a glass of wine, we all need something to restore ourselves once in a while.

Recently, there has been a growing trend in polishing the mind as well as the nails. More and more moms are indulging in Math tutoring, learning an entirely new language such as Russian, dusting off an old one such as Spanish, googling “History tutor in Chino Hills” or “Algebra tutor in Orange County”. Their reasons vary, but the 5 most cited reasons for mom`s hiring  tutors for their own needs are:


Thinking about their future, moms who need to finish their high school diplomas or gain pre-requisites for college are hiring private math tutors, biology tutors for nursing pre-requisites, a chemistry tutor or even a college prep tutor to help them get their dreams on track. Returning to education after a long hiatus can be daunting, and gathering the right people around you from the start helps boost confidence from the beginning.


A working mom who recently changed jobs to a Japanese firm and hired a language tutor in Los Angeles to help her gain a rudimentary grasp of the language has found it is paying off well in her new position. Her Japanese coworkers are delighted with her efforts and enthusiastically supporting her. She`s making new friends and contacts all over the organization.


Sometimes; not often, but sometimes; ok pretty rarely actually, the odd individual can find the fun to be had in trigonometry. Or perhaps, a little more mainstream, a budding writer may hire a writing tutor to help produce her first work of art, or perhaps a history tutor to help nail down an important and interesting part of the past, just for the fun of knowing more about it. Education needn`t always have an end goal in mind, and knowledge is an investment in and of itself.

Help kids with homework

Here`s a reason that is growing in importance with every school year and every change of state policy in education. Parents are hiring Common Core experts from Manhattan Beach to San Jose to help them understand the new demands being placed on their children, and how they can best support them. Algebra tutors are particularly popular under this category!

Master something you couldn`t master before

A good teacher is one that draws you in to their subject and releases you one or several years later with a higher level of understanding and an ability to apply that knowledge in the real world. Unfortunately in the real world there were also teachers who released us at the end of the school year just as bamboozled as when we started and with an “F”. So if it has always bugged you that you never did get to master quarks and leptons, perhaps now is a good time to look for a physics tutor or science tutor and finally nail down that class that has always eluded you.