Rihanna at The Teen Choice AwardsAs an award winning singer and global pop star, Robyn Fenty, better known to her fans as Rihanna, has shown a continued commitment to philanthropy throughout her career. In 2012, Rihanna founded the Clara Lionel Foundation, which she dedicated to her grandparents.

As stated in the foundation’s mission statement, the Clara Lionel Foundation focuses on education as a tool to combat inequality and injustice. The foundation has worked to improve access to education and health care on a global scale, by investing in innovative and groundbreaking local education and health projects around the world. They also support global advocacy for the quality life of students.

Since its inception, the Clara Lionel Foundation has funded both a world-wide scholarship program as well as a micro grants program in Barbados. CLF has also funded a medical oncology center and a nuclear medicine facility in Barbados. These impressive efforts would only be the beginning for Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty.

Ambassador for Global Partnership for Education

In 2016, Rihanna was asked, by Global Partnership for Education, to use her notoriety to become the world ambassador for GPE. She would partner her foundation with Global Citizens and Global Partnership for Education to campaign for quality education for all children of the world.

Rihanna takes her position seriously and immediately arranged a trip to Malawi to begin the campaign for global education. With more than 75 million followers on twitter, the population of a small country, she brought the global education platform to the attention of the world. Rihanna used twitter to personally message several world and G20 leaders. She beckoned and challenged them to prioritize this issue in their own countries as well as at the upcoming G20 summit. Her calls to action would not go unnoticed. Several countries like France, Germany, Argentina, and Norway would all go on to publicly support her initiative. These countries vowed to invest more time and money to the issues of global education.

Major media outlets around the world caught wind of Rihanna’s twitter storm to world leaders. BBC and Time were just a couple of the media outlets that aired the tweets of Rihanna, further spurring the response and action of world leaders. Although her name was not mentioned directly, G20 leaders did address the need to prioritize global education and health. They also recognized the need to replenish the Global Partnership for Education.

Rihanna, the Clara Lionel Foundation, Global Citizens, and Global Partnership for Education have made the world aware of some of the staggering statistics involving education. Over 263 million children around the world are not in school due to poverty, war, economic instability, and geographical isolation.

The Clara Lionel Foundation, with help from both Global Citizens and Global Partnership for Education, are striving to raise 3.1 billion dollars for education and healthcare by 2020. As a global ambassador, Rihanna is doing her part to make the world aware of the need for global education efforts. Not only is she putting her money where her mouth is, she is using her enormous popularity to sway world leaders successfully.

Speaking from the perspective of a private tutoring company, we are so happy to see a huge star like Rihanna doing her best to fight for our students! At REACH Professional In-Home tutoring, we employ private tutors who work as credentialed teachers during the day. We are very aware of the ways that our education system can improve, and we applaud Ms. Fenty for her effort to bring this issue to the world stage.