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The SKECHERS Friendship Walk is an annual event that brings together individuals from all walks of life for a common purpose; to support special needs children. Produced by SKECHERS USA in conjunction with The Friendship Circle, this awe–inspiring event was able to raise more than $1.3 million in support of education in general and kids with special needs. The money raised will help to pay for quality special needs education in Hermosa Beach.

Thousands of people turned up for the 3.5–mile walk beginning at the Manhattan Beach Pier to the Hermosa Beach Pier. Under a lovely cloud cover that shielded participants from the hot October sun, friends, families, and supporters walked as one in support of this worthy cause. The sand sparkled and the waves crashed as the masses enjoyed a beautiful morning of unified support for their community.

The SKECHERS Foundation, established in 2010 by the Greenberg Family, exists to strengthen and support communities through their greatest asset: children. The foundation invests in organizations committed to embracing people with special needs, empowering disadvantaged youth, and improving education. Their goal is to support and inspire people and communities to make a bold effort in creating community.

The Friendship Circle, on the other hand, aims to bring companionship and happiness to youth and kids with special needs by celebrating their individuality and uniqueness to create renewed comfort, strength and peace of mind to their families. In addition, it aims to foster the values of acceptance, compassion, and altruism among teen volunteers, as well as to improve community sensitivity, awareness and encourage a spirit of involvement and responsibility.

The Pier-to-Pier Friendship Walk was a fun-filled event with great music, cheerleaders cheering, and amazing bands. Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Lasorda entertained participants and people were dancing and laughing as they walked. All proceeds from this magical event went to Hermosa Beach Educational Foundation, The Friendship Circle, Palos Verdes Educational Foundation, El Segundo Educational Foundation, Redondo Beach Educational Foundation, and Torrance Educational Foundation.

The Friendship Circle serves high schools, middle schools and elementary schools throughout the area with numerous activities for kids with special needs. In schools, for example, special education and special needs kids enjoy lunch together once a week. At their club, kids play and laugh together during this special hour. This remarkable program encourages and generates an environment in which close friendships can grow with students with special needs. In addition, such students get to see friendly and familiar faces at school, which creates a more comfortable environment for learning. With budget cuts throughout California, the money raised by the SKECHERS Walk will help pay for essential programs in schools throughout the area. It was breathtaking to see thousands of supporters come out and participate in the SKECHERS Friendship Walk. The walk shows that people care enough about their community and schools to give up their morning for this righteous cause. People have come to love and cherish the happiness, smiles and acceptance that come with participating in this event.

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