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As children get older, the subject matter they are learning in school becomes more and more complex and challenging. It is very common for students to have a natural ability in math or science and a weakness in language arts, or vice versa. However, becoming a master of any subject is possible if students have a strong foundation of effective study skills.

Just like riding a bike, studying is not something we are innately born knowing how to do. But by taking a few lessons, practice rides, and inevitable tumbles we become comfortable with balancing in place and moving forward simultaneously. However, developing these skills takes time, practice, and patience.

Studying begins in the classroom before students even realize they’re doing it. As students pay attention in class and take notes, the process of learning and studying begins. Take it from us—keeping those backpacks neat and clean are worth the time! Students can greatly benefit from keeping notes organized by subject and clear of clutter to help transition between topics easily. Another potential pitfall is messy handwriting-if students can’t read their notes, it will be very difficult to study them.

It may seem obvious, but cramming the night before a test is never a good approach to studying. There’s no way to be able to memorize all the material, no matter how many times a book is read, and does little to nothing for a student’s overall comprehension. Indeed, Nate Kornell, a researcher at UCLA, found that spacing out learning was more effective than cramming for 90% of the participants who took part in his 2009 experiment.

Even if a student has all the time in the world to study but doesn’t use it wisely, it won’t help them achieve their goals. Procrastination is a common problem for many students, especially when they need to study for topics or tests that they don’t enjoy or are especially difficult.

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How Reach Can Help

One best practice we recommend is to plan ahead for study time to ensure that students are not overextending themselves with too many activities at once. A wall or desk calendar may help students to keep track of upcoming assignments, and they can also visually plan how much studying time they can complete each day before a big due date. Students that prioritize their tasks effectively may be able to cultivate a greater understanding of their abilities and difficulties, and can level the playing field by working on the tougher tasks first.

We’ve also seen students sometimes become so wrapped up in performing perfectly and achieving the highest possible score that they work themselves into a frenzy the night before or day of a test. A lack of confidence can be a huge factor in students underperforming on tests and in class. Many students who put forth a lot of effort and still fail get so frustrated that they simply give up and stop trying altogether.

In this case the problem is not a lack of effort, but lies in the fact that many students simply aren’t aware of effective study methods that could enable them to learn the material in a fraction of the time and improve grades. Our credentialed homework tutors know that nobody is perfect, and can encourage your student appropriately to be able to battle any test anxiety that may pop up.

Once your student learns basic study techniques and practices them in school, they’ll become empowered and motivated to continue down the path of success. There’s nothing quite as satisfying for parents and our homework tutors as seeing a student who once struggled in school proud to hand over their report card or talking about which college they plan to attend. It may be hard to believe that something so simple can have a profound effect on a student’s future, but the staff at REACH Pro Tutoring has seen the positive results firsthand!

Studying goes hand in hand with the regular school day, and children can benefit greatly from practicing effective study habits, even in subjects they feel comfortable with. Our homework help and study skills tutors can help your student master the art of studying, no matter what the grade level or subject!

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