Superintendent LAUSD

What Does a Superintendent do?

The superintendent’s primary role is to create policies and develop programs to improve educational standards and performance throughout the district. It’s estimated that the Los Angeles Unified School District has over 640,000 students, at over 900 schools. As the nation’s second largest school district, it’s very important that the LAUSD has strong leadership in the superintendent role, because the rest of the nation will use LA’s policies as an example.

There’s A New Sherriff In Town
As the first black female chief executive of the Los Angeles Unified School District, Superintendent Michelle King assumed her new role in January. Ms. King has nearly 40 years of experience in education and has had a variety of roles in her career. Starting out as a student aide, she went on to become a teacher, principal and chief deputy superintendent. Her experience within LAUSD is partially credited for her appointment as the new super intendent. The board feels that since she has intimate knowledge of the issues at hand, she will have a head start in tackling these issues.

Beyond that, Michelle King is a proud parent. Her role as a mother is the position she feels has taught her the most about her responsibilities in education. Taking charge of the Los Angeles Unified School District is undoubtedly a challenge, but Michelle King is ready and able to fulfill her duties.

Issues At Hand
In recent years an increasing number of parents have begun voicing their concerns on a variety of issues regarding the quality teachers that are being hired, the nutritional value of the food offered in our cafeterias and the implementation of Common Core standards. We learned last week that California is currently facing a teacher shortage after years of budget cuts and program eliminations. There is certainly no shortage of controversial issues facing our schools in Los Angeles today, so it will be interesting to see how Ms. King addresses these concerns.

Superintendent King has expressed interest in providing a wider range of options to students, including STEM studies, performing arts, and project-based learning. She is also aware of the problems facing minority students in South Los Angeles schools, and is planning to work on improving the connection between kids and their institutions in an effort to improve dropout rates.

Get Involved
Parents can meet Ms. King during Los Angeles Unified School District board meetings. If you have ideas about how improvements can be made to the school district, or if you want to voice your opinion on curriculum, classroom supplies, hiring policies, or other operational issues, these board meetings are a forum for you. Policies for development of the school district are still being made, so you have a good chance of getting your proposals to the superintendent in time for implementation.

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