Girl frustrated by studyingWhen the SATs approach, blood pressures rise for both students and parents. It is a lot of pressure to know that one test can have such far-reaching consequences for the future. When it comes to SAT preparation, nothing beats hiring a private tutor who has experience training students for the SAT.

While there are numerous online or in-person prep courses to choose from, they are designed to cover the vast subject areas featured in the SATs, and as such, they do not hone in on a student’s specific areas of weakness. A private SAT tutor can assess a student’s strengths and weaknesses and put their time and energy into working on the areas in need of improvement. This strategy is most likely to increase their final SAT score.

Questions to Ask a Potential SAT Prep Tutor

We have all seen and heard how stress and feelings of being overwhelmed can affect a young mind. As SAT prep has to take place during the school year, many students struggle to balance SAT preparation with their regular course load, sports, jobs and social engagements. Hiring an SAT preparation tutor has proven results and knowing some pivotal questions to ask can help you find the best guidance through the all-important SAT prep stage.

1) What kind of scores have former students of yours received?

2) Is each study plan individualized to meet the needs of each specific student?

3) Do you devote adequate time to the essay portion and writing skills?

4) How have you adapted your teaching methods over the years as the test has evolved?

Benefits to Hiring an SAT Prep Tutor

In most cases, SAT prep tutors can have weekly meetings with their students which allows for close monitoring of the student’s progress, and ensures that the material will remain fresh in their mind.

Students also have the benefit of getting immediate feedback from their tutors on their practice-question performance. The practice questions can be dolled out in compliance with the student’s ability and efficiency, making sure to focus on the areas that they need the most help.

Working with a private tutor means that they’ll adjust to your schedule. They can take place for the few months leading up to the SATs, or the duration can be shortened or lengthened to suit the needs of each individual student.