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Fountain Valley City HallOur tutors in Fountain Valley have observed heated debates over the past few years with regard to whether or not attending public school in the United States is more difficult now than ever before. Not surprisingly, no one can deny that today’s education system demands quite a bit from our students. In many cases, students have classroom conditions that are less than ideal, substantial workloads, tight deadlines, and are ultimately expected to learn and remember a significant amount of information on multiple subjects. All while balancing recreational sports, extra curricular activities, social engagements, and household chores.

Additionally, today’s modern technology is a double-edged sword: it may help students with their studies, but it also offers up compelling distractions. These include web surfing, social media, YouTube, video games, television and texting, most of which did not even exist when the parents of these students were their age! Fortunately, private tutors in Fountain Valley may just be able to offer at least a partial solution for some of the aforementioned problems.

Regardless of one’s opinion on whether or not school is more difficult now than it was in decades past, everyone would probably agree that modern education is challenging. This is true for teachers, students and even parents. This is why REACH Professional In-Home Tutoring provides a broad range of private tutors specializing in multiple disciplines to offer assistance to your child and help him or her to keep up, catch up, and move forward.

Common Core Tutors

Our private tutors in Fountain Valley have had multiple conversations with parents who are struggling to help their youngsters learn how to efficiently complete math homework. This is because many parents are finding it difficult to understand the teaching methods introduced several years ago when Common Core Standards were implemented. Our Common Core tutors are highly knowledgeable regarding these standards and can quickly help your child to understand these teaching techniques and how to complete the homework appropriately.

Math Tutors

It does not come as a surprise to most parents that many students struggle with math. This is because the subject is a bit different in the sense that each concept builds upon the next. This often results in students quickly falling behind and finding it extremely difficult to catch up. Our private math tutors in Fountain Valley have a vast understanding of subjects such as trigonometry, geometry, calculus, and algebra, and therefore can offer assistance to any student who is struggling with math.

 English Tutors

Regardless of whether your student is falling behind with reading and writing, language arts or English in general, we have a reading and writing tutor who can assist your child to learn the fundamentals required for future academic success. Falling behind in English class will put any student at a considerable disadvantage where other classes are concerned. This is because students struggling with reading are almost certainly finding it difficult to comprehend material in other subjects as well.

Science Tutors

Similar to math, some children find it difficult to keep up with Science. Our in-home tutoring service helps students on a regular basis with subjects such as Earth science, physics, chemistry and Biology. In numerous instances, negative issues can quickly develop in science classes if students are straining with time management, note taking, organizational skills, or completing homework. REACH tutors can assist your child learn the skills necessary to be proficient in their science courses.

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Billed as a “nice place to live”, Fountain Valley is known as a family friendly community with great schools, and great people. We proudly serve the surrounding communities of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, and all of Orange County!

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